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Also known as anabolic steroid cycles, a steroid cycle is the period in which a person is taking steroids. This timeframe can also be referred to as the ‘On and Off Cycles’.

Through proper steroid cycles, people can achieve the most benefits. Bodybuilders usually follow a logical sequence such as the widely recommended ‘on-cycle’ of 6 to 12 weeks. They also pump their steroid cycles by taking two more anabolic steroids at the same time for maximum effect – a process called stacking.

Your First Steroid Cycle

If you are considering your first steroid cycle, Testosterone is a good place to start - with no other combination to follow. Beginning your cycle with Testosterone allows you to gauge your body’s reaction to exogenous and advanced anabolic steroids.

To begin with or even for seasoned steroid cycles, you must always keep it short and stick to the lowest effective dose. This way, you can avoid adverse side effects and achieve your desired results safely. Just remember to follow proper cycle protocols when cycling with oral and injectable anabolic steroids.

A well-planned steroid cycle is not all that is required to build that strong and muscular physique. Bodybuilders must incorporate a good training regimen and maintain a proper diet.

There are countless anabolic steroid and non-steroidal drug combinations. Specialising in legitimate products from reputable brands, Steroids and Muscle can help you to achieve great results from your steroid cycles.

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Beginner Oral Cycle

We have crafted this beginner oral steroid cycle for those of you who are new to taking steroids. If you have any questions, please contact us. Products 1 x Anadrol - Optimum Labs 1 x PCT - Optimum Labs Instructions Cycle 1 or 2 Anadrol 50mg tabs... more info

Gentech Labs - Extreme Lean

This is a 10-week course designed to get you summer holiday ready with huge savings. Products (Instructions) 3 x RIPFAST - Gentech Labs (1ml 3 times per week for 10 weeks) 2 x Anavar 50 - Gentech Labs (50mg per day for 10 weeks) 2 x Arimidex (1mg... more info

HGH Explode

This is a great way to boost your gains by adding in some super high quality HGH whilst making a great saving. Products 1 x 72IU - Lilly Humatrope 1 x Nandro Test 400 - Optimum Labs 1 x Sustanon 250 - Optimum Labs Instructions Take 2ml per week of... more info

Kenwoo Pharma - Classic Builder

This is a simple stack while others might say it is a classic. This gives you an introduction to Kenwoo Pharma steroids and will let you gauge its superior quality and potency. Products 2 x Oxymetholone - Kenwoo Pharma 1 x NPP - Kenwoo Pharma 1 x... more info

Kenwoo Pharma - Mass stack cycle

Kenwoo Pharma - Mass stack cycle ( This cycle is guided over a 10 week cycle ) X2 Test Enanthate - 2ml per week X1 Trenbolone Mix 1ml per week ( start from week 3 ) Week 10 take 2ml X1 Nandrolone decanoate - 1ml per week X1 Oxymetholone tablets 50... more info


Magnus Muscle Maker is the most potent stack available to buy on this website. Products 2 x Magnus Dianabol 2 x Magnus Sustanon 250 1 x Magnus Tri Tren 200 1 x Magnus Primobolan   EXPECT GROWTH WITH A SAVING OF £36   Instructions Dianabol. more info


This stack offers a saving of £40 when ordering as a ready-made cycle. Please note that this stack is not for the novice (first time user). It is intended for dedicated hardcore training by an experienced bodybuilder that knows what he is doing.... more info


This stack offers a discount of £32 when ordering as a ready-made planned out cycle. It is my personal favourite shredder that has never let me down when I'm looking to zap the body fat. Don't take this is if you are not going to dedicate yourself.. more info


Tri Test - Multi Blend Testosterone - ROHM Labs

Great product at a great price.

Tri Test - Multi Blend Testosterone - ROHM Labs

It's good product ( TRI TEST - MULTI BLEND TESTOSTERONE -...
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