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Tri Trenbolone - Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Tri Trenbolone - Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Tri Trenabol (Trenbolone Blend) is an amazing steroid with equal anabolic androgenic rating. Trenorol enables your vody muscle tissue to retain more nitrogen, it is one of the building blocks of protein. Thus, more nitrogen and more protein means huge muscle gains and accelerated fat burning.
Tri Trenabol is highly effective in translating anabolic and androgenic effects to your muscles. Most athletes prefer it, because of its ability to translate androgenic and anabolic effects more effectively than other steroids. The other reason why this drug is very popular with athletes is the ability to offer several primary traits offered by other steroids but at greater rates and power that exceeds what other steroids can do.
Trenorol shoots extra oxygen to your muscles for awesome strength and power during your workouts by stepping up your red blood cell production. This increase of red blood cells in your veins gives you awesome vascularity. Trenorol gives an excellent hard defined look with the majority of gains being pure muscle with no water retention.
The versatility of Tri Trenabol, in conjunction with the fact that the estrogenic side effect risk is minimal, so you can make it a perfect supplementary agent for use with other anabolic steroids and substances. 
Tri Trenabol is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid it will not take a lot to produce noticeable results. Its doses is most commonly fall in the 150-300mg per week range. Most will want to start with 150mg per week and gauge their response. Its 8-12 weeks of use is common with most finding the 8 week range to be the most tolerable.

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  • Manufactured by: Magnus Pharmaceuticals