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Test P - Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Test P - Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Testosterone propionate U.S.P. 100mg (Test P or Test Prop) is an excellent anabolic steroid. It is one of the types of testosterone esters. It is an anabolic steroid and is also one of the most popular in bodybuilding. Its purpose is to increase muscle mass and strength.
Testosterone promotes nitrogen retention in the muscle, the more nitrogen the muscle holds the more protein it can store and the bigger it gets. Testosterone also increases the body's IGF-1 levels. IGF-1's principal role is to coordinate growth and metabolism. IGF-I is highly dependent on growth hormone to complement it's growth promoting activity. 
Testosterone is responsible for promoting health and well-being through enhanced libido, energy, immunity, increased fat loss, gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass, preventing Osteoporosis (loss of bone density) and possible protection against heart disease. It is also responsible for normal growth and development of male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics. 
Testosterone Propionate also converts to both Estrogen (through Aromatization) and Dihydrotestosterone (through 5a-reduction). Conversion to these hormones is also responsible for some of testosterone's ability to build muscle. Therefore when many side effects are avoided with the use of ancillary compounds, some of the muscle building properties are also stunted.
Testosterone Propionate carries an anabolic rating of 100 as well as an androgenic rating of 100. The testosterone hormone itself represents the basis by which all anabolic and androgenic ratings are measured in all anabolic steroids. More importantly, while carrying these structural ratings, its translating rating matches up perfectly. Testosterone Propionate will yield a notable amount of anabolic and androgenic activity. This is important as not all steroids match their structural ratings in a translating capacity.

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