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Test Enanthate 300 Gentech Labs

Test Enanthate 300 Gentech Labs


Buy Test Enanthate 300 10ml

Generic name: Testosterone Enanthate
Chemical Names: Testosterone Enanthate
Pack: 10 ml vial (300 mg/ml)

Test Enanthate 300 is a long acting form of the parent hormone testosterone. The parent hormone has been attached to the Enanthate ester to delay its release into the bloodstream over several days.

Test Enanthate is used for treating symptoms of low testosterone in men when the body does not make any testosterone or not enough testosterone (hypogonadism). It may also be used to treat certain types of breast cancer in women.

Testosterone enanthate is a male sex hormone that is naturally made in the body and works by replacing or supplementing the testosterone. Also it counteracts the effects of estrogen in certain types of breast cancer which helps to decrease cancer growth.

Test Enanthate is given by injection usually every 1 to 4 weeks into the buttock muscle as directed by your doctor. Please do not inject this medication into a vein.

Active Life: 10-12 days
Test Enanthate 300 Dosage: 300-1200mg per week

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  • Manufactured by: Gentech Labs