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Stanozolol Injection - Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Stanozolol Injection - Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Stanozolol (Winstrol or Winny) is an extremely popular anabolic steroid which is available in both oral and injectable forms. It is a dihydrotestosterone derivative steroid.
It is best used for athletic purposes and cutting cycles. Theoretically it could be used during a bulking phase in order to take advantage of the reduction of SHBG. 
Stanozolol Depot can be suspended in oil but water base solutions are by far the most common. Normally, due to this steroid's high level of toxicity this would be considered highly irresponsible use.
Stanozolol Depot is an extremely anabolic hormone possessing an anabolic rating of 320. And, due to the structural changes made to the DHT hormone its androgenicity is rather low with an androgenic rating of 20. It does possess androgenic traits, but they are mild in most users, although somewhat stronger in women compared to men.
Stanozolol is used by athletes and bodybuilders to lose fat while retaining lean body mass. It is usually used in a cutting or leaning out cycle, to help preserve lean body mass while metabolizing adipose, although it has not been proven conclusively that it has any special fat-burning properties.
Stanozolol is mainly used by bodybuilders and athletes. In the world of body building, this drug is mixed with several other anabolic steroids based on testosterone.

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