Weight Training Mistakes You Could be Making


Making mistakes during your weight lifting sessions could hinder your progress and performance, and it could even put you at risk of injuries. Here are some of the most common weight training errors to avoid.


Failing to warm up

No matter how skilled you are at weight training, if you don’t warm up properly you could cause yourself harm. Even if you’re pushed for time, always find time for your warm-up sets before moving onto the heavier weights.


Too many reps using light weights

If you want to extend beyond building endurance and burn fat, you need to give up doing too many reps, such as up to 12, using light weights. Instead, for noticeable results that make you stronger and leaner, turn to heavier weights and perform fewer reps.


Lifting heavy weights without a spotter

A spotter is your ally when it comes to lifting heavy weights, as they can ensure you don’t do anything dangerous – they will even spur you on. Don’t lift heavy weights without a spotter, and if you don’t know anyone who can partner up with you, your gym might be able to sort you out with someone.


Incorrect shoes

Forget wearing your standard sports shoes for weight training sessions – they might not do you any favours. For example, if you wear rubber shoes, these can affect your balance when lifting weights. Instead, opt for specialist weight lifting shoes or ones with a wooden sole to maintain your balance.


Focusing on isolation exercises

It’s not a sensible idea to concentrate solely on doing exercises that isolate or target a single muscle group, such as hamstring and bicep curls. Instead, for overall fitness, focus mainly on compound exercises, which are those that target multiple muscle groups. The bench press, deadlift, military press and squats are good examples of exercises that involve more than one muscle group.


Avoiding difficult exercises

Weight trainers tend to have exercises that they prefer over others, but if you find that you start avoiding any of the exercises because you struggle with them, this can cause an unhealthy body asymmetry that may result in injuries. Instead of shunning the exercises you can’t do well, either do them first when you hit the gym to get them out the way, or seek expert guidance from a trainer in case you need assistance with technique training.


Feeling under par

Starting a weight training session feeling tired or unwell is never a good idea, and it won’t lead to much gain. If you feel sluggish beforehand, often eating and drinking can do the trick to perk you up. Equally, if you carry on training through an injury, you risk causing further damage. When you spot symptoms that indicate an injury, take time out to allow it to heal and recover before hitting the gym again.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can make good progress in the gym. To assist in your endeavours, Steroids & Muscle provides high quality, legitimate steroid products that help to build a muscular physique.

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