The Ultimate Exercises for Your Quads


With developed and bulging legs, your upper body won’t only be more defined, it will also be better supported – so, skipping leg days and focusing on the upper body will result in an unbalanced physique.

If you’re working out your legs, the quads are the best muscle group to target as it’s the largest. However, this doesn’t mean you should isolate your quads and ignore the other leg muscle groups, as this will induce a poor motor pattern which might result in injuries.


What are Quads?

The quadriceps femoris muscle (commonly known as quads) is a vast muscle group composed of four muscles on the front thigh. The prime function of the quadriceps is to move the knee and extend the lower legs. Well-developed quads will complete the muscly but proportionate body you’re aiming for.


What is the Best Workout for your Quads?

Perhaps the ideal method to use is mixing front and back squats, deadlifts and presses. Employing a compound workout routine with this combination will help your body to become more athletic. By becoming quicker and more agile, this will do great things for your strength and contribute towards building your quads.

The following exercises will pave the way to a set of chiselled quads!


Barbell Front Squats

Barbell Front Squats are staple when it comes to building up the quads. This exercise is better than a back squat as it provides more intensity on the quads than the hips, hamstrings and back. More than forcing less stress on the spine, the Barbell Front Squat doesn’t require much flexibility either.

To start, set the barbell on a rack and make sure that it’s levelled to your chest. Bring your arms under the bar and lift it out of the rack with palms facing upward, resting the barbell on your deltoids. Once positioned, open up your hips and slowly perform a squat. Shoot back up, while keeping your head up high and your back straight at all times.


Trap Bar Deadlifts

Great for beginners, this type of deadlift uses a trap bar as its main alteration, wherein the performer is enclosed in the bar. A trap bar deadlift engages the quads better than deadlifts performed with a straight bar.

To perform this exercise, get inside the trap bar, fold your knees and grip the handles tightly. Look forward and tighten your chest before rising up, taking the trap bar with you. Maintain for a while before returning to your initial position.


Leg Presses

A leg press is the perfect exercise for those who wish to build up their quads, as it uses extremely heavy weights. There are two types of leg presses which are both beneficial to your quads – the angled press and the seated press.

Begin by loading yourself into the equipment. After lowering the safety bars, extend your legs fully, then bring them down at a 90-degree angle. Push the platform up with your heels. Immediately return to the 90-degree angle, then repeat.



Step-ups are straightforward quadriceps exercises. You can do this work out with a dumbbell or a barbell, and a sturdy bench which will act as your pedestal.

If you’re using dumbbells, you can start by taking one in each hand. Inhale and step a foot on the bench. Lift yourself up, bringing in the other foot. Stand firmly. Step down with your forefoot, followed by the other one.

If you want to use a barbell you can do the same routine, but the barbell should be resting on your shoulders with your arms raised holding it tightly.



Sprinting will never go out of style! Not only does it improve your quads, it also builds on your endurance and even strengthens your cardiovascular system!

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