Top Tips to Staying Healthy at a BBQ

Sizzling sausages and juicy steaks: they’re the mainstay ingredients of any summer BBQ, but if you’re watching your waistline and counting calories, fat-laden grills will be off the menu. Yet, a summer isn’t a summer without a BBQ, and just because you’re trying to eat healthily doesn’t mean to say you have to decline every BBQ invite. If a BBQ is on the cards this summer, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a guilt-free feast without packing on the pounds. Here are a few options to consider:


Choose lean cuts of meat

BBQ grilling isn’t all about overdosing on fatty meats. There are plenty of lean cuts and low-calorie protein options that are just as likely to tempt your taste buds. Opt for chicken, turkey, tuna or salmon. If you do need a red meat fix, choose smaller morsels of meat on skewers combined with grilled veggies. Meat-free alternatives, such as soya burgers or sausages, provide a meat-like hit without the high fat content. If you’re going to stick your protein fix into a bun, opt for a fibre-fuelled wholemeal type rather than a plain white variety.


Go easy on the sauces

It’s not just the high-calorie cuts of meat you need to keep a beady eye on; keep a check on what sauces or dips you slather on your food. Steer clear of creamy sauces that instantly add to the calorie load. Instead, opt for low-fat options, tomato salsa or vinegar-based condiments. A splash of lemon juice and a dash of olive oil can perk up a salad or side dish without resorting to creamy, sugary or salty dips and sauces.


Stock up on salads

Summer is salad season, so make it your priority choice at any summer BBQ and you’ll be laughing. Salads don’t need to be boring and limp-lettuce-based; there are all sorts of tasty ideas to rustle up. Think shredded greens with avocado, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds, or sliced mango with rocket and beef tomatoes. Be creative and you’ll soon be shunning the meat for salad dishes instead.


Fruit kebabs for pudding

It’s often desserts that cause the most angst at a BBQ for those trying to stay on a healthy track, but with lots of tasty, guilt-free options to choose from, you can easily give sugar-laden sweet treats the heave-ho. Grilled fruit kebabs on skewers drizzled in honey are just made for BBQs, and this delicious pud won’t eat into your calorie allowance.

Fruit Kebabs


Get drinks savvy

What you drink can also easily tip you into the unhealthy zone. Beer and wine wash down far too easily with a burger or banger but try to alternate your alcoholic drinks with a soft drink or glass of water, and you’ll feel better for it. Why not whizz up a tasty fruit smoothie that packs a nutritious punch?

With a few dietary tweaks, your dream body doesn’t need to be compromised with every BBQ invite. To further help achieve a physique to be proud of, you can choose from a wide range of authentic, affordable steroid products at Steroids & Muscle.

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