The Benefits of Protein Shakes


Many bodybuilders promote the benefits of protein shakes to help provide the body with the correct amount of protein. When today’s busy lifestyle leaves insufficient time to prepare fresh meals, it can be difficult to ingest the appropriate nutrition through food alone – this is where protein shakes come in.

What is a protein shake?

There are several different types of protein such as soy, whey, milk and casein. Protein shakes are made from powdered forms of protein (a by-product of the cheese-making process) with added flavouring. When blended with water or milk, it creates a milkshake-style drink. A protein shake will typically contain around 20g of protein on average. The recommended daily protein intake for men is 64g and for women it’s 46g.


Do protein shakes work?

Protein is composed of “building blocks” known as amino acids. These perform several functions in the body – such as maintaining and building healthy muscles when combined with a balanced diet and exercise. The general consensus is that both food and protein supplements are necessary to fulfil an optimum intake of nutrients.


When is the best time to take your protein shake?

If you don’t have time for a proper meal, a protein shake is a convenient way of providing the supply of nutrients your body needs. It is a quick and easy method of ingesting protein – you can even drink it when you’re on the move, within a few minutes.

A great time for a protein shake is within one hour of finishing your workout, to help the recovery of your muscles. Recovery can take up to 48 hours, so take between 20g and 30g of whey protein, so it can reach your muscles fast and heal the micro-tears caused by intense exercise. A protein shake takes around 30 minutes to reach your muscles – vastly quicker than solid food.


What do protein shakes do to your body?

Protein shakes deliver the essential nutrient to your body. Your body can get a wide variety of vitamins and minerals by eating whole foods, but as it isn’t always possible to eat a balanced diet due to time or other constraints, protein shakes can help. Protein exists in all human body cells and is crucial for the growth, repair and rebuilding of muscle and tissue.


Should a protein shake be a meal replacement?

A protein shake can be used to replace a meal on occasion, but drinking a protein shake is not as healthy as having a balanced, healthy meal filled with nutrients. If you decide to drink a shake rather than eating a meal, remember that a nutritionally-balanced meal will contain not only protein but also fats and carbohydrates.

A meal will also contain sufficient calories to keep you topped up for a few hours. This is not necessarily the case with a protein shake, so don’t replace too many meals with shakes. Instead, use them as a dietary supplement in combination with exercise and healthy eating, although you can replace the odd meal if necessary.


What are the benefits of protein shakes?

When our body doesn’t have enough protein, it can’t function properly – protein produces muscles and manufactures enzymes, hormones, immune-system components, cellular messengers and nucleic acids. When we don’t have enough protein, our muscles don’t heal as quickly, so they can become over-trained and more susceptible to injury. A protein shake can quickly and easily provide a supply of protein for your body.


What is the best type of protein?

Whey protein is popular among bodybuilders whose goal it is to put on muscle to improve their physique. However, you can’t expect protein shakes alone to create a perfect physique. Although whey contains most of the amino acids you need, a healthy diet is also important.

Foods with a high protein content include eggs, cheese, soy, beef and milk. Although a shake made with whey powder is often top of the list of protein shakes, you shouldn’t drink it to the exclusion of protein-rich foods.

There’s a wide variety of products on the market for protein shakes, so each product could differentiate from another in the way it is used. The secret is to read the small print and find out exactly what you’re ingesting and how much protein it contains, as some are higher quality than others.

When you’re aiming to increase your protein intake, Steroids & Muscle is the first choice for many bodybuilders and athletes. As a trusted and reliable online supplier, we stock a range of authentic human-grade and UG anabolic steroids and cycle supports that play an important role in building and achieving a muscular physique and athletic performance.

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