How does testosterone affect your body?


Testosterone increases the level of growth hormones in the body, making exercise more likely to build muscle mass. It also increases bone density, causing the bone marrow to create more red blood cells. Read on to find out more about the positive effects testosterone has on your body…


How does testosterone affect the skin?

A high testosterone level helps to thicken the tissues in the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. This stimulates the fibroblast cells, producing more collagen. A higher collagen density creates greater skin elasticity.

Testosterone also binds the sebaceous glands’ sensory receptors and this stimulation makes the glands produce more sebum. A higher level of testosterone makes the pores larger, enabling the skin to absorb the oils more quickly, creating a natural moisturiser and making the skin more supple.


How does testosterone affect sex drive?

Low testosterone has been linked to low libido. Some men experience low sex drive even when their testosterone is normal, so if testosterone levels are lowered far enough, almost all men will experience a decline in their sex drive. In general, the higher a man’s testosterone levels, the higher his sex drive.

Although testosterone is primarily thought of as a male hormone, the ovaries naturally produce testosterone and it is used to help make oestrogen. Studies have shown higher levels of testosterone are associated with increased libido in women too.


How does testosterone affect your mood?

Testosterone plays an important role in your state of mind. Brain cells have testosterone receptors that affect mental health. Men with low testosterone are more likely to experience fatigue and mood swings. Low testosterone can be a major cause of depression too.

New research has refuted the common belief that high testosterone levels cause aggressive and egocentric behaviour. A study of more than 120 people by the University of Zurich in 2009 concluded those with higher testosterone levels were more aware of their own sense of status. However, they exhibited pro-social behaviour, rather than aggressiveness, to achieve their goals.


Is testosterone the new Botox for women?

The latest form of hormone therapy promotes testosterone as producing younger-looking skin, leading to it being labelled the “new Botox for women”. A growing school of thought among healthcare professionals points out that as well as producing oestrogen, women also have a lot of testosterone when young, but stop producing it by the age of 50.

Some private doctors are now offering testosterone as a type of anti-ageing therapy, believing it leads to younger-looking skin, more energy and an increased sex drive for mature women.


How does testosterone affect women’s physique?

Contrary to common misconceptions – which terrify many women when they hear the word “testosterone” – they will not end up with a muscular male physique. Normal levels of testosterone are essential for women in every area, from health and well-being to performance and fitness.

All women have testosterone and it can actually increase muscle mass, without increasing fat mass, having a positive effect on the physique.


Does testosterone cause facial hair in women?

Doctors say all women have some facial hair, which is natural. There is no “normal” amount and it varies from woman to woman. All facial and body hair is caused by androgens, a family of hormones that includes testosterone.

The answer as to why some women – and men – have more hair, while others have less, is down to how sensitive their hair follicles are to testosterone. This is the most important factor when it comes to hair growth. Thus while some women may have higher levels of testosterone, this will not automatically lead to the growth of a masculine-style beard or moustache.

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