Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Rowing Workouts


Rowing machines provide a full body workout that strengthens and builds muscles while increasing speed and endurance.

Before trying it out, here’s what you need to know about the rowing machine:


Benefits and importance of a rowing workout

Emulating the act of rowing a boat, the rowing workout is an effective cardiovascular exercise in line with treadmills or bike workouts. In actual fact, it’s a cut above the other options because it’s the only cardio workout that works upper body muscles.

As it’s not intended for easy resistance, this means you’ll have to give it your all in every set – working on your cardio and effectively building on your targeted muscles.

You can achieve the following benefits from a rowing workout:


Perfect as a warm-up

As an explosive opener, this kind of workout will keep your blood flowing and your muscles pumped – increasing your heart rate. As a full body workout, it eases your muscles and clears your head for the rest of the routine.


Benefits other workouts

Your knees, ankles and joints should be well-prepped before doing any type of weightlifting – which is exactly what a rowing workout does! As these body parts are used frequently, they’ll be more flexible and invulnerable to strains.

You can actually acquire the same intensity that sprinting provides by rowing.


A great finisher

Rowing can also be a great closer for your workout, as it is only right for a tough routine to end with a tough finale.


The proper form

Before performing a rowing workout, you must first know the proper form and the mechanics of the rowing machine to avoid injuries.

As you sit on a rowing machine, make sure your feet are secured in the straps provided when your knees are bent. While your hands grip the handle tightly with straight arms, start the stroke by straightening your legs, then immediately bring the grip towards your chest. Fully extend towards the end of the drive and return slowly to the initial position.


Other rowing tips

For an effective rowing workout, there are other essentials you need to keep in mind as you perform this exercise:


Use your legs

Amplify the power of your legs and use your arms less so your upper body won’t feel fatigued – to allow more strokes. Remember, by predominantly using your legs, this will also help to develop your glutes.


Go for a longer stroke

Take a moment as you reach the end of a drive. To ensure that your strokes are effective, you don’t want to go too fast. By taking your time, you will be able to evaluate your technique and develop your approach.



Don’t sit too upright but don’t slouch either. Maintain a tall stance with a little arch to make your strokes more natural.



If you’re rowing too fast, you’ll lose your breath – maintain a steady pace.

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