Repetition Techniques for Better Muscle Gains

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No two bodybuilder’s reps are equal! Beginners and seasoned lifters alike often cheat during their exercise sets – resulting in minimal muscular gains…

… but don’t drop the dumbbell just yet! Here are some of the best techniques you can apply for your next set:


There are two sides of the coin to this weightlifting practice:

  • Half a rep equals no rep count at all – when you cut short on the way through the completion of a rep, this does not produce enough micro-muscle fibre damage for your muscles to grow bigger.
  • The other half rep technique can be beneficial for strength and powerlifting. When you perform a half rep in the upper portion of a lift, it can help improve your strength – you can lift bigger weights.

Full Range of Motion

Commonly known as ROM in bodybuilding and weightlifting circles, this benefits the targeted muscle groups in many ways – such as stronger muscle output and better muscle gains.

When you execute reps in full range of motion, all of the targeted muscle group areas are trained to become stronger. As for visible muscle gains, muscle fibres undergo heavier damage with full ROMs – resulting in greater muscle growth!

Controlling the Negative

Also known as eccentric muscle action, this training practice causes micro-traumas during muscle contraction. This in turn revs up the anabolic process in your body to build muscle.

You can achieve good negatives by lowering your moderate-to-heavier weights for a full three seconds. It may feel slow doing the reps but the gains come way faster!

Power up your gains by applying these simple yet powerful tweaks to your reps and see awe-worthy results – you can complete the muscle boosting techniques with anabolic steroids from Strength and Muscle. Work ‘til you’re muscle bound!

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