Reach Your Guns’ Highest Peaks with These Exercises

Nothing screams, “Yeah, I lift!” better than a pair of big guns bursting out of your sleeves. People will surely notice your growing resilient frame but you should give your biceps some love as well!

Come out all guns blazing with these exercises:

Guns' Highest Peaks


Barbell Drag Curl

Targeting the biceps’ brachii – also known as the “long head” of the biceps –  this exercise aims to increase the guns’ peaks.


How to Do It

First, grab an empty bar and position your arms so they are just a little outside shoulder width. Now pull your arms back and keep the barbell as close to your body as possible. With a slow execution, you will begin to feel the pump in your biceps, as blood and oxygen accumulate in the veins when you reach the top of the movement.

The barbell should be above your chest at the upper part of the repetition. Finish the rep by letting the bar down the slowly. Repeat for 3-4 sets of 12 reps – or progressively add plates to the bar.


Seated Inclined Dumbbell Curl

Following the same idea as the previous exercise, the Barbell Drag Curl will solely hit the biceps to result in metabolic stress and muscle damage that might hurt – but it will produce massive results.


How to Do It

Grab a pair of dumbbells, sit on a 90-degree bench and lie flat on your back. Let your arms hang like dead hooks while holding the dumbbells. As you execute the exercise, keep the dumbbells close to your body – they should reach chest level at the top of the movement. Then slowly bring the dumbbells down in a controlled ‘negative’ action.

The science behind these movements is that by pulling your arms back and keeping the barbell or dumbbell close to the body, the deltoids are disengaged from the movement – allowing you to focus solely on the biceps. Always control every rep and your guns will be on fire in no time!

Every day might become an arm day when you see your shirt splitting achievements from these bicep exercises… and why stop there? Steroids and Muscle supplies safe and effective anabolic steroids to aid your progress – let’s get them gainz bro!

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