It’s Not About Age: Exercise After 60


Although it’s agreed that aging might weaken the body, you must not let this discourage you from doing your exercises, as being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Stay in good shape and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing by trying these simple exercises. Come on, you can do them even if you are over 60!


Moderate Aerobic Activities

Light and daily activities

Simple and light daily movements are perfect exercises – such as walking, dancing, riding a bike on level ground or even pushing a lawn mower.

Water activities

Brilliant for reducing arthritic aches and other joint pains, water aerobics and swimming will not only help reduce the pressure on joints through the water’s buoyancy, it will also increase flexibility and balance, while preventing bone and muscle loss. For even more fun in the water, why not invite the grand kids to come and join you!


Vigorous Aerobic Activities


For those who are still able to perform vigorous exercises, sports such as tennis, football or martial arts can help bring stronger, faster and bigger movements that help reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.


As hiking causes the heart to pump harder to keep up with the demand for oxygen, it also increases blood flow to the muscles and brain. This activity also reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels which both cause heart disease. Those with arthritis or knee pain can also rely on this exercise.

Jogging or running

Research has proven that jogging or running helps older adults maintain muscular efficiency more than walking. People who run for at least 30 minutes, three times a week are less prone to age-related physical weakening.


Strengthening Activities

More than building and maintaining strong bones muscle strength is necessary, as not only does it regulate blood sugar and pressure, it also helps us to maintain a healthy weight. Sit-ups, yoga, lifting weights, light martial arts like Tai Chi and even ordinary activities like gardening and carrying shopping baskets can help to keep you in tip top shape.

Age is just a number and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put off training or simple exercises. Maintain an active lifestyle for as long as you can and keep a routine that will benefit you for the long term! To help you through the process, buy Anavar in the UK from Steroids and Muscles for promising results!

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