Helpful Tips for the Young Bodybuilder


As a young fella in the gym, you’ve probably had more than one piece of unsolicited advice from the bros and experts about your exercise regimen– but ultimately, it’s up to you which advice you actually register.

To maximise your youthful gains, let Steroids and Muscle give you a good start!


Structured Diet

You should already know enough about eating good and clean food – this is essential when you commit to bodybuilding. If you have not reached your twenties yet, don’t worry too much about counting calories and breaking down macros; just stick to a healthy diet structure that can power up your workout sessions!


Have a Training Plan

Step away from the pack and have your own training regimen! Put together a workout split on your own and lift away by yourself when you hit the gym. Just ask your friends if you need a spotter!


Practice Good Form

Always apply the full Range-of-Motion; controlling the negative, perfect form and other exercise execution techniques to get the most out of your exercises. Do not try excessive lifting immediately – you will not achieve any gains from it!


Get Enough Sleep

Always aim to get 8 hours of sleep for maximum recovery and muscle growth.


Take JUST the Right Supplements

For the teens, supplementing yourself with the right recovery products and a sound nutrition plan are all you need for guaranteed muscular gains. You can also use steroids and other similar PEDs for dramatically quicker gains. Always ensure proper steroid cycling and PCT to be on the safe side.


Do Not Skip Leg Day – EVER!

Do not let your legs lag behind. Train your legs religiously and see how this not only increases your leg size but it also benefits other muscle groups as well.


Stick to the Compound Basics

The big three of all exercises: bench press, squats and deadlifts are just some of the basic compound free weight exercises that recruit the most muscle fibres in your body. So, leave your peers to their isolation exercises and stick to the ones that will give you the MOST gains!


Do Not Over Train

For young blood and beginners, it is recommended that you take sufficient rest before hitting the same muscle group again. Stubborn training, without the proper resting period, will not bring you any gains anytime soon.


Do Some Cardio

Aim to do at least two days of cardio each week to keep your metabolism furnace burning, your appetite up and your cardiovascular endurance running strong! If someone tells you that cardio is bad for your gains… don’t believe a word of it!


Whatever your age or fitness level, apply these tips to get the SWOLE advantage over your peers. It’s time to mature yourself up to muscle building glory – with the help of Steroids and Muscles’ anabolic steroids! Don’t forget, if you need any further help or advice we are always happy to help.

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