Exercises to Firm up a Wobbly Chin

A double or wobbly chin can make a person feel self-conscious, often knocking their confidence. But, fortunately, there are many exercises that can firm up the skin in this area.

Chin up

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How do you get a wobbly chin?

A double chin forms when layers of submental fat accumulate under the chin. This most often happens when someone is overweight, but even people of normal weight can get a flabby chin.

As we get older, the skin under the chin loses its elasticity and may sag. Collagen levels in the skin drop, too, which lead to a build-up of fat in the chin area, making the skin loose.

Genetics also play a part, so if a wobbly chin is common amongst other family members, you’re more likely to get one, too.

Losing weight can help to firm up a wobbly chin for anyone carrying a few extra pounds, but the following exercises may prove beneficial to anyone with a so-called extra chin.


Exercise with a ball

Put a ball that’s around 9-10 inches under your chin, and press your chin against the ball. Repeat this around 25 times per day. This helps to firm and tone the muscles in the chin area.


Touch your nose

A great one for firming the chin, simply stick out your tongue and try to touch your nose, or as near as possible as you can manage. Hold this pose for 10 seconds. As an alternative, stick your tongue out and move it from side to side to also reduce fat under the chin.


Neck rotations

Rotate your neck around 10 times. As you stretch your neck from one side to the other, your chin and jaw muscles are given a pummelling.


Ceiling kiss

The muscles in your chin and neck are targeted with this exercise, which involves tilting your head back. Then, create an O shape with your mouth, as though you’re trying to blow a kiss to the ceiling. Feel the stretch in your chin. Repeat this action at least five times.



By far the easiest wobbly chin buster, this exercise involves simply saying and repeating the letters X and O, approximately 12 times. You’ll work the muscles in the neck, jaws, cheeks and chin, helping to burn unwanted fat stores.


Jaw resistance

With two fists placed under your chin, push your lower jaw onto your fists. Try to strain the muscles in your jaw as you overcome the resistance, allowing the force to increase gradually. Hold the pose for several seconds when you achieve maximum resistance. Relax the jaw and repeat the exercise around five times.


Jaw jut

Tilt the head backwards and look upwards. Slide your lower jaw forward so that you feel a stretch in the chin. Hold for 10 seconds and relax. As an alternative to this, after you’ve tilted your head back, turn to the right and push the bottom jaw forwards. Hold for 10 seconds and return to the original position. Repeat on the left side.

Performed regularly, these exercises should start to make a difference to your wobbly chin after a few weeks. As well as exercises that target the chin, some people find that applying lotions containing vitamin E to the chin can improve the skin’s elasticity. A circulation-boosting massage to the area may also be useful, while others swear by chewing gum for toning the chin muscles. Treatments such as lipolysis or mesotherapy may also tone up a wobbly chin if all other options have failed.

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