How to Design a Workout Plan


Performing mismatched sets when you are oblivious to your current fitness abilities is risky to your health. A well-designed workout plan is necessary to achieve maximum results.

If you’re just starting out or if you’re a trainer who wants to improve your workout design skills, this guide is for you!


Determine the goal

Is your workout intended to improve strength, lose weight or build muscles? Perhaps having a clear cut goal will make it easier to pattern your overall plan, as these objectives require different workout structures  – a weight loss workout plan will consist mostly of cardio or resistance exercises, while building strength and muscle will focus on weights.


Evaluate fitness levels

To ensure that you’re choosing the best workout plan, you should not only determine the individual’s age but also their health status, recent injuries and opinions on working out. Remember that a beginner should start with milder exercises, while an experienced trainee can advance to more intense workouts.


Gap analysis

Besides analysing an individual’s actual strength and endurance, an evaluation test will help to establish what the target will be. Afterwards, there must be a gap analysis to identify the areas that need to be improved – by comparing the current fitness level and the target. Don’t forget to coordinate with a trainer or an expert for a proper evaluation.


Designing the workout plan

When structuring the workout plan, you should determine the following:


What workouts should be included in the plan? Deadlifts, presses and squats are workouts for muscle and strength building; while cardio and strength training are perfect for losing weight. When choosing the workouts, take into consideration the frequency and the availability of the equipment.


How often can you work out over a week? How long is each session? Don’t forget that 3 to 4 workouts a week on a 30 to 40 minute session is ideal.


Are you working out in a gym or at home? By identifying the place, this will help to conclude the workouts, the equipment and the time for your workout plan.


Are you up for the task? How hard are you willing to work for maximum gains?

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