Chest Day!

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Well-defined pecs give your body great shape, so when it’s chest day at the gym, choosing the right exercises is key to get those upper body muscles perfectly honed.

Building muscle

It’s easy to get into a routine of targeting certain muscles when going to the gym – perhaps you’re after a six-pack or rippling biceps, for instance. But, no matter how much you prefer targeting one muscle group over another, it’s essential that all get a pummelling so you get uniform strength in all body areas. Even when focusing on the chest, remember to target both upper and lower pecs.


Chest day

If it’s time to focus on your pec muscles, there are plenty of exercises to choose from. As well as looking good, strong and toned chest muscles make it easier to perform daily activities, with reduced risk of injury, especially since this part of the body is often a weak spot for many people.

When performing chest exercises, get the technique spot on. This avoids getting into bad habits that could undermine your chest-building potential or cause injury. Also, don’t forget that what you eat can help to boost those all-important chest muscles. Here are a few of the best chest exercises to try.


Barbell bench press

Superior for increasing upper body strength, the barbell bench press targets all of the pec muscles, while also giving the shoulders and triceps a solid workout. Fairly easy to learn and simpler to perfect than using dumbbells, experts recommend you do this exercise towards the beginning of your chest regime, particularly if using heavy sets with lower reps. For those seeking increased chest development, it’s a good idea to vary your grip width.

For a slight variation to the barbell bench press, try the incline barbell bench press. It’s a top exercise for targeting the minor pec muscles.


Flat bench dumbbell press

The chest is the main focus of this exercise, but the shoulders and triceps are also put under the spotlight. Since you move each side of your body using dumbbells, more stabiliser muscles are activated and you get a longer range of motion, compared to the barbell bench press. Make sure you remain in control when using dumbbells, however, so you don’t overwork one muscle or cause injury. If you use heavy weights, include this press at the start of your workout. If you’ve already done the barbell bench press, you don’t need to do this too, as it’s fairly similar.


Chest dips

A great exercise for building upper body strength, chest dips work all parts of the chest, especially the outer muscles, which can make your chest look wider. Chest dips also help to strengthen shoulders and arms. Since your feet are off the ground and not supported in this movement, it requires increased stabilisation. This activates a greater range of muscles, compared to the bench press.


Low cable chest fly

Both the major and minor pec muscles are given a workout during this exercise, helping to hone uniform chest growth. You may prefer the chest fly if you feel any joint discomfort when performing the bench press. Since the chest fly uses a different angle of movement compared to the bench press, there’s less tension exerted on the joints. You get a superior range of motion from this exercise, ensuring maximum chest growth.

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