Best Gym Trainers for 2018


If you’re going to take up football, rugby, running or any other sport, you will probably begin by buying the relevant specialist footwear that’s most suitable for your chosen activity.

However, people who start going to the gym often think it doesn’t matter what trainers they wear, because they don’t see working out as a specific activity. This is incorrect, because wearing the correct footwear can have massive benefits for your training.

As an example, dedicated running shoes aren’t ideal for training in the gym, unless you spend all of your time running on the treadmill. Most running shoes have extra cushioning to offset the impact when you pound the pavements, but if you’re planning on lifting weights in the gym, you will find this can create an unstable base.

If you’re going to be weightlifting, you will benefit from extra heel support and a stable base, particularly if you’re planning to do squats. If you’re planning speed and agility training, extra grip on the edges of the sole will benefit those quick lateral movements.

There are plenty of trainers on the market to suit every activity, so we’ve put together our pick of the best gym trainers for 2018, to help you to make an informed choice…


Weight lifting

The Adidas Crazy Power trainers are so named because the brand says the extra power you achieve when wearing them is crazy! The main features include a supportive and firm mid-sole, combined with a significantly higher heel to give you an advantage with all kinds of lifts. A secure and comfortable fit is promised, thanks to the sock-like uppers.


Treadmill and weights

If your fitness programme combines the treadmill and weights, the Nike Zoom Train Complete could be the gym trainer for you. Your shoes must be cushioned enough for comfortable running, while also having a base that’s stable enough for lifting. The Zoom Train Complete fits the bill, as they are designed to provide a locked-down fit, thanks to flywire cables on the outer side of the shoe. Responsive cushioning will ensure you’re stable and ready for a good workout.



Crossfit combines heavy lifting with high intensity interval training. It requires a training shoe that has sufficient stability for weights, combined with having enough support and breathability for the fast-paced sections of the workout. As Reebok is the sponsor of the fitness brand, Crossfit, the Reebok Nano 7 Weave trainers are an obvious solution! They fit the bill for both weights and Crossfit, with enough stability even for heavy lifting.



The Inov-8 All Train 215 is the choice for people who don’t always stick to the same schedule when working out at the gym. When you’re completing different disciplines such as lifting, treadmill and agility training, this shoe can handle it all! The All Train 215 has extra grip, enabling the wearer to complete the lateral movements of fast-paced agility training, while its cushioning enables you to safely work on plyometric exercises without damaging your joints.


Stylish and safe

When you’re searching for a solid, all-round gym trainer that also looks stylish and modern, you will be hard pushed to beat the New Balance Minimus 40. It’s a solid, all-round trainer for various disciplines, featuring cushioning for running and a sturdy, supportive base for weight lifting. What’s more, it also looks modern and you won’t be hiding it in your bag as you leave!


Specialist footwear

When you’re a serious weight lifter, you must weigh up the pros and cons of your footwear and do some research before you buy. Weight lifting shoes need to be stable around your foot and on the sole, not only to improve performance, but also to help you stay injury-free.

Weight lifters need to wear shoes with a raised heel, enabling you to squat more deeply, thanks to the increased motion range of your ankles. This also helps you to improve your body’s overall position, as you will be able to sit in a more upright manner.

Keeping your torso upright means you have a better chance of holding your barbell properly and lifting it up, while the shoes’ raised heel means you can also activate more of your muscles during the move.

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