Benefits of Using Battle Ropes


Rope isn’t just used for climbing and pulling! Several rope types are now available and each has its own different functions and uses. Popularly used by fitness enthusiasts, the battle rope is made specifically to enhance an athlete’s grip, strength and overall work capabilities. 

John Brookfield pioneered the art of the battle rope. With their immense popularity and an overwhelming impact on the fitness world, ropes are now found in almost every fitness centre across the globe.


Purpose of Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are commonly used as a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) tool to develop an athlete’s power, explosiveness, anaerobic and aerobic endurance. Available in all shapes and sizes, typically ranging from 26-50ft in length and anywhere between 1 to 2 inches thick, the weight of a battle rope will depend on its length and thickness.

Want to know why battle ropes are so popular…?


Forearms, Muscle Group and Grip Strength

One of the most commonly associated moves with the battle rope is the slam. This exercise improves your forearms – a muscle group with limited strength-training alternatives – as well as your grip strength.

How to do the Slam

Grasp the taped ends, one in each hand. Drive the ropes up using your entire body and then slam the ropes onto the floor. Repeat for 20 to 30 seconds as your fitness level permits.


Back, Arms and Shoulder

Rope slams also work your arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs. The rope pull is also a great move, working your back muscles and your grip. Jumping jacks with a rope end in each hand can work your shoulders out.

How to do the Rope Pull

Hand over your head, simply assume a quarter-stance then pull the rope around the anchor point towards you.


Core, Upper Body and Endurance

To work on your core, upper body and endurance, you can do rope circles. Variations include performing circles with both hands, reversing the direction of the circles and creating circles with one hand at a time.

How to do the Rope Circles

Instead of slamming the rope in waves, swing the arms to create a circular motion.

How to hit the legs, core and shoulders

Place the end of the rope on the floor and perform a plank above it. Pull the heavy rope towards you, reaching out one hand at a time to pull the rope; the remaining hand supports your body weight as you maintain the plank.

Battle ropes are ideal for beginners but they can also be used by professional bodybuilders. Whether the purpose is to lose weight, tone up or build endurance, there’s a battle rope workout designed to help you achieve your personal goals. Combine your exercises with safe and effective performance enhancing oral steroids from Steroids and Muscle and really work that body.

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