How to be an Awesome Workout Partner


Working out with a like-minded friend can enhance your training experience – it can help you both to stay motivated, pushing each other on to achieve your goals. When it comes to workout partners, not just any old gym buddy will do – you need to find one that possesses the right qualities to help maximise your performance. Here’s how to be an awesome workout partner.


Be reliable

Sometimes, motivating yourself to go to the gym can be a hard-enough task in itself, but if your workout partner is unreliable and fails to show up on time, or worse still, not at all, this can put a dampener on your own workout efforts. Find someone you can trust to turn up as arranged, and who is committed to working alongside you.


Skilled at motivating

The best workout partners are the ones who offer encouragement, even on those days when you’re feeling below par. They should be able to push you to reach your goals, but they will also be in tune with how you’re feeling to know when to tell you to call it a day if you have overdone it.


Watch your partner

A good workout pal will be on hand to fine-tune your technique during gym sessions, whether that’s offering guidance on how to lift weights correctly or on how many weights to lift. They will understand your individual goals and strengths, so they can help to perfect your technique and maximise performance. A top workout buddy will give you invaluable feedback at the end of sessions, rather than trying to constantly butt in when you’re mid lifting. Crucially, they should give honest guidance, even if that involves being critical – of course, without causing you to feel demotivated.


Touching the bar at the right time

A workout partner who acts as a spotter when you’re lifting the bar should know exactly when to intervene, and when not to. A good partner will let you get on with the task of lifting the bar, without getting involved unless you potentially put yourself at risk of danger.


Teamwork spirit

Working out with someone else is about partnering up to help each other and anyone who comes on board to offer you exercise guidance should do so with a teamwork mentality. Working as part of a team or group can encourage a feeling of camaraderie that can spur each other on.


On the same wavelength

It makes sense that the right kind of workout partner should be roughly on the same wavelength as yourself in terms of abilities and goals. By facing the same challenges, you can work through them together and spur each other on. That’s not to say a good workout partner shouldn’t having higher aspirations than you, as this can be a beneficial way to set your own targets one notch higher.

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