5 Steps to Safer Weightlifting


With fitness benefits a plenty, lifting weights is proven to be a great workout for isolating, toning and strengthening your muscles. However, one wrong move and you could be facing a painful injury for weeks.

So, before you get stuck into your weight training, make sure you keep in mind the following safety precautions:


Wear the appropriate gym gear

Start by wearing closed-toe shoes to serve as protection to your feet in case you drop any of your weights. You may also opt to wear exercise gloves to enhance your grip and to save your hands from callouses.


Warm up for a better body condition

Before you start lifting, do a brisk walk or slow jog for 10 to 15 minutes. A good warm up reduces the risk of injury by increasing your body’s temperature, improving joint lubrication and boosting the blood flow – allowing your muscles to function better.


Start with a low weight load

For best results, choose a low weight load that you can lift for 8 to 12 repetitions – with 15 at most. If you try to lift weights that are too heavy, this will increase the risk of strains, sprains and similar injuries.


Maintain a good posture

When lifting weights, always utilise a neutral, straight spine. Swaying your spine when performing different movements will put a strain on your back and this can lead to various problems.


If you need assistance… ask!

Don’t be too shy to ask for help when doing an exercise that involves pressing a weight above your head or positioning a bar over your body. A spotter standing next to you can catch the weight in case your muscles become fatigued – this is highly advisable.

More than these precautions, it’s equally important to strike a healthy balance between your weight training and your diet. Always talk to an expert before you start a new exercise program and for even greater results, buy Anavar steroids from a reliable source in the UK. Steroids and Muscle is a responsible steroid provider… for a stronger, fitter and healthier you we are always happy to offer advice!

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