3 Types of Weight Training Sets

3 Types of Weight Training Sets

From increased muscle tone to improved body strength, weight training is a popular lifestyle enhancer for many, as it offers a multitude of benefits to the body. Before you decide how many repetitions to attempt, it’s important that you understand the different types of sets – for the ideal approach to your fitness goals.


Straight Sets

Also known as traditional sets, straight sets are the standard method for arranging the weight training workout. This approach works through obligating yourself to a certain number of sets, followed by a rest. Repeat until all sets have been executed using the same number of repetitions and weights. 


  • Helps gain mass
  • Builds maximum strength from rest periods
  • Narrows the focus of the sets


Super Sets

Typically comprising of two different exercises performed back to back, super sets aim to multitask the muscles without rest periods between pairings – this allows you to achieve more in a shorter period of time, helping you to save time while burning fat.


  • Increases the intensity of the workout within a shorter timeframe.


Tri Sets

Tri Sets usually consist of three exercises that are performed consecutively, with no rest period between. Ideal for home workouts and empty gyms, tri sets further increase the intensity of workouts while saving time and boosting the metabolism.


  • A single tri set can be a total-body workout in itself

Strategic and creative, these sets assist the development of workout protocols. Combine these methods with safe and effective performance boosting Anavar steroids that are available online in the UK and you will surely experience the best workout routine that delivers measurable results!

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